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About me

myfoto1Hi, my name is Andrew Abramov. I live and work in Minsk, Belarus.

What is the purpose of this website? Hmm... It is hard to say. At first I just wanted to put my portfolio together and post it on the Internet in order to find some interesting assignments and projects. Then I decided to go further and create my own blog as well as upload interesting training examples, models, useful programs, etc. I hope you will be interested and you'll find something useful for yourself.


I specialized in:

  • development, testing and maintenance of software, development of additional modules and application programs for SolidWorks and ANSYS/LS-DYNA;
  • 3D modeling and design; computer simulation(strength calculations, simulate fluid flow and heat transfer, calculations of the dynamics and kinematics of mechanisms);
  • support and implementation of SolidWorks Enterprise PDM: administration, installation and configuration of software, development add-ins and database queries, etc.

I graduated (with honors) from the Grodno State University in 2005. In 2008 I finished the postgraduate studies at the United Institute of Informatics Problems of National Academy of Sciences of Belarus with the specialization in automation systems design (with the Ph.D. thesis but no Ph.D. degree). I am working on my thesis now.

Professional skills:

  • Programming:
    • langauges: C#, VB.NET, T-SQL;
    • development environment: MS Visual Studio;
    • database: SQL Server, MySQL;
    • technologies: .NET Framework, ADO.NET, DevExpress controls, WinForms;
    • additional knowledge: SolidWorks and SolidWorks EPDM API, ANSYS APDL;
    • experience in developing of commercial applications.
  • Professional knowledge of SolidWorks:
    • knowledge of various design techniques: solid, surface and hybrid;
    • profound knowledge of program functionality in creation of sheet metal parts, welded structures and press molds;
    • working with imported geometry: diagnosis and restore of the feature tree of construction;
    • creating assemblies, working with large assemblies;
    • working with scanned data (mesh files or point clouds), restoring them in a form of surfaces/solid models;
    • creating of photo-realistic images from 3D models for marketing materials;
    • creating assembly-based animations, assembly components motion modeling and analysis;
    • design optimization problems solving;
    • profound knowledge of all types of engineering analysis in the SolidWorks Simulation;
    • development of additional software modules and applications for SolidWorks using the built-in API functions library;
    • working with 3DVIA Composer: creation of electronic manuals, technical illustrations, interactive 3D-animation, etc.
  • Experience in working with SolidWorks Enterprise PDM:
    • issues related to the creation, routing, approval, archiving of electronic documents and support collective work on projects;
    • setting, administration and implementation of the system;
    • creation of business processes;
    • development of add-ons and specialized applications for work in EPDM;
    • development custom transactional SQL queries to obtain various reports;
    • development user instructions and procedures for working with PDM-system.
  • Profound knowledge of a FE codes: ANSYS, LS-DYNA, SolidWorks Simulation, FlowSimulation and Motion, pre-processor Altair HyperMesh:
    • finite element models development, analysis of the quality of the mesh;;
    • modeling based on solid, shell or beam elements in different formulations (mechanical or thermomechanical);
    • static, quasi-static and dynamic analysis;
    • strength analysis, calculation of the safety factor structures and buckling studies;
    • calculations of fatigue characteristics of structures and optimization solutions for the problems of improving the efficiency of technical objects and processes;
    • modelling of metal forming processes;
    • internal and external fluid-flow simulation and thermal analysis;
    • development of macros and add-on applications for the automation of work procedures in ANSYS;

Additional skills:

  • knowledge of CAD packages: T-Flex 3D, КОМПАС-3D;
  • basic knowledge of WPF, HTML, CSS, JavaScript;
  • experience with CMS Joomla;
  • excellent knowledge of various office and graphics applications: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio, Photoshop, CorelDRAW etc
  • 2D and 3D computer design;
  • experience in making presentations at international seminars and conferences;
  • experience in working with foreign customers;
  • experience of participation in research projects and development work;
  • intermediate level of English, native - Russian.

Full resume You can find here.

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About Me

Hi, I'm Andrew and I'm engineer with a big experience in CAD/CAE and programming. On this website I would like to share some of my works in the field of 3D design, FEA and software development. I hope to find interesting projects and perspective contacts. More info about me you can find here.


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