About me

About me

myfoto1Hi, my name is Andrew Abramov. I live and work in Minsk, Belarus.

What is the purpose of this website? Hmm... It is hard to say. At first I just wanted to put my portfolio together and post it on the Internet in order to find some interesting assignments and projects. Then I decided to go further and create my own blog as well as upload interesting training examples, models, useful programs, etc. I hope you will be interested and you'll find something useful for yourself.


I specialized in:

I graduated (with honors) from the Grodno State University in 2005. In 2008 I finished the postgraduate studies at the United Institute of Informatics Problems of National Academy of Sciences of Belarus with the specialization in automation systems design (with the Ph.D. thesis but no Ph.D. degree). I am working on my thesis now.

Professional skills:

Additional skills:

Full resume You can find here.

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