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  • K. Belyavina, A. Beliy, A. Abramov COMPUTER SIMULATION OF POWDER ANTIFRICTION MATERIALS // Metallurgy: republican interdepartmental collection of scientific papers. Vol. 35, Minsk: Belarusian National Technical University, 2014, p. 169-182. ( in Russian ).
  • A. Abramov, S. Medvedev SOFTWARE FOR COMPUTER-AIDED DESIGN AND SIMULATION OF CROSS-WEDGE ROLLING TOOL // Scientific Journal "Informatics", Minsk, Belarus, October-December 2013, N4, pp. 5-12 (in Russian).
  • A. Abramov, G. Kozhevnikova USE OF LS-DYNA FOR COMPUTER MODELING OF CROSS-WEDGE ROLLING PROCESS // Proc. of the Natl. Academy of Sciences of Belarus, Ser. Phys.-Eng. Sci., 2011, N 2, pp. 41-50 (in Russian)
  • A .Volchok, A. Abramov CREATING OF EDUCATION CENTER ON GRID AND SUPERCOMPUTING TECHNOLOGIES // Vesnik of Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno. Series 2. Mathematics. Physics. Informatics, computer technology and control. 2010, N 2(96), pp.117-123 (in Russian)
  • A. Abramov, G. Kozhevnikova FINITE ELEMENT ANALYSIS OF THE CROSS-WEDGE ROLLING IN LS-DYNA FE CODE / Proceedings of the joint Belarusian-Russian programs "TRIAD" Main results and perspectives", Minsk, Belarus,2010, pp.111-125 (in Russian)
  • V. Shchukin, A. Abramov, G. Kozhevnikova VERIFICATION OF NUMERICAL SIMULATIONS RESULTS OF CROSS-WEDGE ROLLING / Proceedings of the joint Belarusian-Russian programs "TRIAD" Main results and perspectives", Minsk, Belarus,2010, pp.177-185 (in Russian, in English)
  • O. Swed, A. Abramov EXAMINATION OF EFFECT DOUBLE BARREL DISTORTION AT PLASTIC METAL WORKING WITH USAGE OF SYSTEM LS-DYNA // Scientific Journal "Informatics", Minsk, Belarus, January-March 2009, N1 (21), pp.17-24 (in Russian)
  • V. Shchukin, G. Kozhevnikova, A. Abramov LS-DYNA SOFTWARE PACK TESTING AT SOLVING TASKS OF CROSS ROLLING // XIII International Forging Conference, Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil, 14-16 October 2009. pp. 177-184
  • A. Abramov, G. Kozhevnikova THE BASIC REQUIREMENTS TO THROUGH COMPUTER TECHNOLOGY OF DESIGNING THE CROSS-WEDGE ROLLING PROCESS // Scientific Journal "Informatics", Minsk, Belarus,October-December 2007, N4 (16), pp. 77-87 (in Russian)
  • A. Abramov, O. Swed MATHEMATICAL MODELING OF THE DIRECT EXTRUSION OF LEAD // Scientific Journal "Informatics", Minsk, Belarus, October-December 2007, N4 (16), pp. 133-136 (in Russian)
  • A. Abramov COMPUTER SIMULATION TECHNOLOGY OF CROSS-WEDGE ROLLING OF BILLET FOR WRENCH // International scientific-technical conference "Progressive technologies in metalforming", Minsk, Belarus, October 3-5, 2007 (in Russian)
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