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Saturday, 20 February 2016 Published in Services Be the first to comment!

I offer services in the following areas:

Software Development:

  • Developing software for Windows;
  • Design and development of databases and their management;
  • Web Application Development;
  • Development of additional modules and applications for SolidWorks and ANSYS/LS-DYNA.

Computer-aided design and modeling:

  • 3D design products (parts and assemblies) of any degree of complexity;
  • Convert paper documents or 2D drawings to 3D models;
  • Communications Design (wiring, piping, etc.);
  • Design of sheet metal;
  • The development of welded structures;
  • Development of molds;
  • Reverse engineering, the transformation of the scanned point cloud data to the 3D models;
  • Create design documentation in accordance with GOST, ISO standards;
  • Preparation of data and the development of interactive manuals.

Computer engineer:

  • Dynamic and kinematic analysis of mechanisms;
  • Static analysis (strength calculation of structures in the elastic region or considering non-linearity);
  • Frequency analysis of constructions;
  • Calculation of safety factor and the design study of the forms of loss of stability;
  • The calculation of the fatigue characteristics of structures;
  • Research on the impact load;
  • Thermal analysis (the problem of stationary and non-stationary heat conduction);
  • Dynamic analysis (calculations on the shock loading, harmonic and random vibration);
  • Simulation of metal forming processes;
  • Optimization design and research of multiple modeling scenariosя;
  • Solution heat and mass transfer problems;
  • Creating mesh for various FE codes.

Data and Process Management (PDM):

  • Solving issues related to the creation, routing, approval, archiving of electronic documents and support collective work on projects;
  • Setup, administration and implementation of PDM systems;
  • Development user instructions and procedures for working with PDM-system.

Education and consulting (online or at the customer site):

  • Learning the basics of working in SolidWorks;
  • Advanced Part Modeling Course in SolidWorks;
  • Creating sheet metal parts in SolidWorks;
  • Design of molds in SolidWorks;
  • Surface modeling in SolidWorks;
  • Finite element analysis in SolidWorks Simulation Environment;
  • Finite element analysis in SolidWorks Simulation Professional Environment;
  • The solution of fluid dynamics problems in SolidWorks Flow Simulation Environment;
  • Learning the basics of working with FE solver LS-DYNA and pre-post processor LS-PrePost;
  • Learning the basics of the program ANSYS.


Friday, 19 February 2016 Published in Programming Be the first to comment!


P-Manager is a project management workspace that focused on the design activities and allows to remotely work on one or more projects that are available to all project participants by Web.


The program is designed to carry out calculations on the centrifugal load of rotary parts of structures.


The program is a small preprocessor for the preparation of finite element models and input data for the LS-DYNA FE code.


Thursday, 10 December 2015 Published in Programming Be the first to comment!


The program for the calculation of frame structures.

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