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FEA simulation: linear and non-linear static, calculation of the safety factor of structures and buckling studies, calculations of fatigue characteristics, steady state and transient heat transfer analysis, calculation of thermal stress, optimized solutions to complex practical problems of improving the efficiency of technical objects and processes, etc.

This section contains only part of the work, the rest can not be placed due to the customer requirements.

The calculation of the military tent frame under the influence of wind loads.
The linear dynamic analysis was performed for modeling of the riflescope body under the pulse shock loading. The problem is solved in the SolidWorks Simulation (Linear Dynamics).
Simulation of suspension designs. The problem is solved in the SolidWorks Simulation.
The results of modeling of metal forming on the examples of axial compression, lead extrusion, cold stamping and rolling are considered.
Static calculation of the drilling rig structure was performed. The calculations were performed to evaluate the structural strength at its maximum loading.

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