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The program for the calculation of frame structures.

Quite often required to carry out verification calculations of frame structures in which only takes into account the main features of the design geometry consisting only beam elements. For this analysis is carried out simple designs based on the use of finite elements BEAM in the ANSYS environment. To simplify the construction of models and obtain the results this program has been developed.

The main window is shown below:


The program provides the following tasks:

  • creation of a new research and opening of existing;
  • creation of FE models and the calculation model for 2D or 3D frame structure;
  • calculation of frame structure parameters using ANSYS (max. displacement, max. bending moment, max. value of shear forces, max. tension in frame section, reaction force at selected locations);
  • opening model in ANSYS and the ability to view errors file that occur when model are created or during the calculation;
  • view and save the settings and calculation results.


For the calculation the program automatically performs all the steps that would be taken by using the ANSYS GUI:

  • building geometry model as 3d oa 2d lines;
  • setting parameters for meshing;
  • setting of fixing conditions;
  • setting of loads;
  • start the calculations;
  • storage design parameters and calculation results.

The computational model with imposed the boundary conditions:


Calculation results of the test case:


In program can obtain the following results:

  • image files in .png format, image with diagrams of bending moments and of shear forces, the maximum bending moment, stress, etc
  • text files, containing the values of the axial forces for each finite elements, stress, displacement, the torsional and bending moments for all nodes in the model, the maximum values for the selected points.

The results at the points can be compared on the graphs:


Development Technologies:

  • .NET 4.5 (C#);
  • DevExpress components for WinForms;
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