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I offer services in the following areas:

Software Development:

  • Developing software for Windows;
  • Design and development of databases and their management;
  • Web Application Development;
  • Development of additional modules and applications for SolidWorks and ANSYS/LS-DYNA.

Computer-aided design and modeling:

  • 3D design products (parts and assemblies) of any degree of complexity;
  • Convert paper documents or 2D drawings to 3D models;
  • Communications Design (wiring, piping, etc.);
  • Design of sheet metal;
  • The development of welded structures;
  • Development of molds;
  • Reverse engineering, the transformation of the scanned point cloud data to the 3D models;
  • Create design documentation in accordance with GOST, ISO standards;
  • Preparation of data and the development of interactive manuals.

Computer engineer:

  • Dynamic and kinematic analysis of mechanisms;
  • Static analysis (strength calculation of structures in the elastic region or considering non-linearity);
  • Frequency analysis of constructions;
  • Calculation of safety factor and the design study of the forms of loss of stability;
  • The calculation of the fatigue characteristics of structures;
  • Research on the impact load;
  • Thermal analysis (the problem of stationary and non-stationary heat conduction);
  • Dynamic analysis (calculations on the shock loading, harmonic and random vibration);
  • Simulation of metal forming processes;
  • Optimization design and research of multiple modeling scenariosя;
  • Solution heat and mass transfer problems;
  • Creating mesh for various FE codes.

Data and Process Management (PDM):

  • Solving issues related to the creation, routing, approval, archiving of electronic documents and support collective work on projects;
  • Setup, administration and implementation of PDM systems;
  • Development user instructions and procedures for working with PDM-system.

Education and consulting (online or at the customer site):

  • Learning the basics of working in SolidWorks;
  • Advanced Part Modeling Course in SolidWorks;
  • Creating sheet metal parts in SolidWorks;
  • Design of molds in SolidWorks;
  • Surface modeling in SolidWorks;
  • Finite element analysis in SolidWorks Simulation Environment;
  • Finite element analysis in SolidWorks Simulation Professional Environment;
  • The solution of fluid dynamics problems in SolidWorks Flow Simulation Environment;
  • Learning the basics of working with FE solver LS-DYNA and pre-post processor LS-PrePost;
  • Learning the basics of the program ANSYS.
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Hi, I'm Andrew and I'm engineer with a big experience in CAD/CAE and programming. On this website I would like to share some of my works in the field of 3D design, FEA and software development. I hope to find interesting projects and perspective contacts. More info about me you can find here.


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